The current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is a frightening phenomenon and will fundamentally change the way we all live our lives in the coming months. As an organisation, we have relocated to our homes and will be working hard to adapt our work to this new situation so we can cater to the needs and rights of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities to the best of our abilities.

It is crucial to get information from credible sources such as employers, professional organisations, and government bodies

We will be creating and updating information guides, fact sheets and video clips to keep Gypsies, Roma and Travellers fully informed on the latest government and NHS policy, recommendations and services, and to inform them about their rights and entitlements. We will also share useful resources and services produced by other organisations.

'Tutors for GRT' project

In April, The Traveller Movement and King’s College London launched ‘Tutors for GRT’, a project to help Gypsy, Roma and Traveller students when schools closed for COVID. You can read more about the project in our blog post here.

Read about some of our initial findings from the tutoring project here 

This is a partnership project between Traveller Movement and King's College London's RomBelong programme.

To find out more contact our education and partnerships officer Chrissie browne on

For families interested in having a tutor, contact us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Information guides and fact sheets

Watch a video of our partnerships officer, Christina Kerrigan discussing the importance of social distancing and staying at home during the covid-19 outbreak.

Fact sheet for people experiencing domestic violence or abuse

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, read our fact sheet here

Fact sheet for attending funerals

For updated information on attending funerals, read our fact sheet here

Fact sheet on school closures

For updated information on returning to school, please read here:

For information on free school meal vouchers, please read a fact sheet here

Information on courts, prisons and parole board hearings

For updated information on making prison calls, please read here

For information on parole board hearings, read our fact sheet here

For updated information on jury trials, please read here: 

Fact sheets on access to sick pay, universal credit and relevant legislation

For information on the Coronavirus Act, please read here

For information on access to Universal Credit, please read here

For information on provisions made for the self-employed, please read here

For information on access to statutory sick pay, please read here

Resources from other NGOs

Pavee Point in Ireland has developed some great resources for Irish Travellers and Roma. View their information resources here.

Friends, Families and Travellers have developed specific guidance for roadside Travellers, and Liveboard Boater Households. Read it here

Travellers' Times have released their Coronavirus Special.  You can access it here

Travellers' Times have created a bank of free educational resources. Access through the link here

Leedsgate has a dedicated covid-19 webpage full of useful resources. Access it here

Equally Ours (pan equality membership group) have created a specific webpage outlining theirs and various organisations covid-19 policy responses. Visit their website here

The Community Law Partnership (CLP) have written about the use of evictions during covid-19 pandemic. Read here and here.

The CLP advice line is still open Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm for anyone affected by roadside evictions. Ring 0121 685 8677

Health and Wellbeing

For the latest government advice, visit

Use the NHS website
, NHS Scotland, NHS Wales, HSC Northern Ireland and follow the relevant links.

You can access the World Health Organisation's website here:


You can also find Translations of NHS guidance here.


Employment and Benefits Advice

For the latest guidance for workers, including access to benefits, statutory sick pay, information for furloughed workers (employees on a leave of absence), and support with your rent costs visit GOV.UK here

The most recent update from government is available to read here. (31/03/2020)

For more information on our covid-19 work, please contact

Children and Young People

Children and young people need information too, but this needs to be appropriate for age and understanding. BBC Newsround and Childline resources can be useful.

For information on how to care for children and their mental health, please read here

Watch a video here by partnerships officer, Christina Kerrigan of how you can talk your children.

While social media is great for keeping in contact and entertainment, it is problematic in terms of accurate information about the virus. Only use trusted sources

Fun activities to do at home

To avoid being all doom and gloom, we will also develop and share resources that will bring some laughter and joy to peoples lives. We will get through this together!

To mark International Childrens Book Day, Ellie-May reads our booklet 'I Am Not Allowed to Play with You Anymore' to you all.
Watch till the end, Ellie-May has some wise words to share with us all

For fun things to do with your kids, why not try out the Rainbow Trail. Read an article in Travellers' Times about our partnerships officer, Christina Kerrigan and how she keeps her kids busy with some fun arts and crafts activities.

Romani Cultural and Arts company are holding a children's art competition to create the best safety poster. The first prize is a £50 voucher and is open to all ages up to 16. Visit the website here for more details.

Watch Romani Author Richard O'Neill read from Polonius the Pit Pony' on Youtube here