The Traveller Movement is providing free politics training in 2021. Find out more below!

Over the next few months the Traveller Movement will deliver a politics and media training programme aimed at Gypsies, Roma and Irish Travellers (GRT), their supporters and allies.  

The aim of the programme is to build skills and confidence of attendees to engage with and participate in mainstream politics. Too often people feel left out of UK political systems, or worse, treated as political footballs by election candidates in the run up to an election. This programme will educate and empower people to challenge these hostile messages wherever they hear them.

Each session is an hour and a half long and will tackle a specific issue. The training is free to attend and will be delivered completely on Zoom.

People are free to sign up to one or as many sessions as they like.


1.Friday the 5th of February at 10.30 am

Introduction to Politics Training

This session will be run by the outreach team at UK Parliament and will answer questions such as ‘who are MPs and Lords?’, ‘What do they do?’ and ‘How can they raise issues on your behalf?’ amongst many others.

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2. Wednesday the 17th February at 10.30 am

Challenging politicians and exercising your rights

This session will look at the ways that you can engage with politics and challenge politicians. It will cover things such as how to contact your representatives, the role that social media can play in challenging them and our campaign efforts to stop hate speech in parliament. We'll be joined by activist Luke Smith and our campaign partners, Rene Cassin.

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3. Friday the 5th March at 10.30 am

Making your voice heard
This workshop run by the outreach team at UK Parliament will develop an understanding of how to raise issues and will answer the following questions: How can you take action? What tools help influence debates, decisions, and legislation? How can you build relationships with MPs and Lords?

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4. Wednesday the 17th March at 5.30 pm

Stand up and be counted - Census 2021 workshop
This workshop will explain how to fill in this year’s census and explain why it is important to tick the Gypsy & Irish Traveller or Roma box. The session will be co-hosted by Roma Support Group and will include speakers from the Office for National Statistics – who can answer any questions you may have. Come to our session and see how you can Stand Up and Be Counted this March!

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5. Wednesday the 14th of April at 1 pm

Elections. What you need to know

Labour MP Cat Smith and a member of the Electoral Commission will be speaking at this ‘elections 101’ session, which will explain how elections work, how you can participate and what happens on an election day.

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6. Wednesday the 12th May at 10.30 am

Challenging the media and speaking out

This session is aimed at Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people who want to know more about how to challenge hate they see in the media and will feature speakers from Traveller’s Times, and will be co-delivered by the charity Hacked Off.

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