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6th November 2020:  NGTBY Online Training

If you are interested in organising a viewing of NGTBYalong with the online training session, please contact:

12th November 2020:  Traveller Movement Annual Conference

This year we're doing things a little differently!

It's so important that despite the challenging circumstances everyone has found themselves in, that the annual conference continues to provide a platform for information sharing, and a vital online space for discussion.

This year's conference, entitled Our Truth. Our Voice, will speak truth to power and reclaim the anti-Traveller narrative that dominates the media and political discourse. The conference will bring together activists and changemakers who will discuss how this can be achieved. Now is the time to reshape the narrative and discuss solutions for the advancement of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers across every area of life.

You can book tickets here for our online conference.

Find out more by reading our conference brochure here.

Previous events

06.10.20:  NGTBY online trainng
NGTBY online training
21.08.20:  NGTBY online training
07.08.20:  NGTBY online training
28.07.20:  Bereavement workshop
23.07.20:  Beijing World Conference for Women 25th Anniversary Consultation with UK Government workshop
16.07.20:  Never Going to Beat You online training
30.06.20:  GRTHM webinar - Women's Work
26.06.20:  GRTHM webinar - Policing
25.06.20:  GRTHM City Hall online event
19.06.20:  GRTHM webinar - After Dispatches
12.06.20:  GRTHM webinar - Education
18.06.20:  Nursing and Midwifery Council presentation
01.05.20:  Never Going to Beat You online training
24.04.20:  Never Going to Beat You online trainng
07.03.20:  Never Going to Beat You film premier
17.02.20:  Domestic Abuse and the Traveller Community training
22.01.20:  Neville Southall Twitter Takeover
18.01.20:  #GRT Solidarity event
21.11.19:  TM Annual Conference
16.10.19:  Cut it Out Campaign
17.10.19:  Access to health and social care for Gypsies and Travellers training
19.09.19:  Youth Futures Event
14.08.19:  Mental Health workshop
05.07.19:  Pre Pride event
11.07.19:  Social Care Video Launch
30.04.19:  Education Roundtable in Parliament
07.03.19:  International Women's Day Event

June 2020: Celebrating Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month

Join the Traveller Movement for a series of sessions to celebrate Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month.

The final session will be a tea and chat with the Pavee Beoirs this coming Tuesday 30th June 2020 at 1pm - 2pm.  To register for the final session in this series, please use the registration link here.

The first session began with the Education Meet and Greet which was held on Friday 12th June 2020.  This was attended by many people, all you really engaged with the session.

The second session was the Policy Meet and Greet: After Dispatches which took place on Friday 19th june 2020, and was extremely successful.  There was a large amount of people registered for this event, and it was an excellent networking opportunity.

The third session was the Criminal Justice Meet and Greet: Policing by Consent.  It took place on Friday 26th June 2020 at 11am with a record number of people registering followed by fantastic feedback.

March 2020: Never Going to beat you Film Premier

‘Never Going to Beat You’ was originally a drama play about domestic abuse written by the late playwright Jennie Buckman from Giants Theatre Company together with 18 Gypsy and Traveller women. After two successful shows at the Blue Elephant Theatre in 2016, Traveller Movement and Giant’s Theatre decided to adapt the play into a film.

The film is directed and produced by Jennie’s son Michael Buckman (Crispy Biscuit Films).

‘Never Going to Beat You’ threads together the varying and different stories of the 18 Gypsy and Traveller women, and it will raise awareness about domestic abuse within all communities. 

The screening was followed by a panel discussion about domestic abuse, mental health and well-being within the Gypsy and Traveller Communities.



November 2019: Annual Conference 2019

The booking lines opened in September for the  conference: Waiting, Waiting, Waiting - is the wait finally over!! Government Announces New National Gypsy Roma and Traveller Strategy. 

The conference provided a platform for community members, public institutions and supporters to write the blueprint for the new cross-government strategy to tackle Gypsy Roma and Traveller inequalities. It discussed the impact of weak data monitoring, hearing the voice of communities to produce a report to inform the strategy.

View the conference brochure with full list of speakers here 

The Conference report can be found here