Training for Professionals

‘Never Going To Beat You’ online domestic abuse training!

Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic we have transferred our domestic abuse training for professionals online!
We recommend the training for women’s organisations, refuge workers, Local Authorities, the police, teachers and health professionals.
Our training package includes the viewing of our new film ‘Never Going To Beat You’ at home/work and then joining our online training delivered by the Irish Traveller stars of the film who are also survivors of domestic abuse.
The training will provide you a better understanding of how domestic abuse impacts Traveller communities and women, and how you can better help them in a culturally appropriate way.

You can find more information about dates, pricing and how to book on our site here.

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Training and awareness raising is at the forefront of all TM policy and development. All our current training packages are developed from firsthand experience and in consultation with the Traveller communities.

The approach we use to devise and deliver our training is interculturalism. Interculturalism accepts the principles of equality of rights, values and abilities but equally incorporates the development of policies to promote interaction, collaboration and exchange with people of different cultures, ethnicity or religion living in the same locality. We offer in-house customised training but can also organise TM-based standard training for selected members of your staff.

All training packages are delivered by qualified and experienced trainers and co-facilitated by members of the Traveller communities. We can deliver tailored training to suit the requirements of your organisation which include:

  • Planning and tailoring the training
  • Agreeing parameters for the training with participants
  • The use of co-facilitators
  • Knowledge of policy context and legal framework
  • Clear knowledge of anti-racism and methods of building anti-racism equality into the ethos, policies and practices of organisations/institutions
  • Strategies for dealing with challenges
  • Evaluation and monitoring. 

Fees for customised training

Half-day (3 hrs) training: £654.50 (inclusive)
Full-day (6 hrs) training: £951.50 (inclusive)

All prices are based on training delivered within the M25 and include travel costs.

Additional charges will apply outside of the M25.

Training delivery to date has included Local Authorities, Police, Legal Firms, Prison Service, Probation Services, Social Services, Health and Wellbeing teams, Community Safety teams, Civil Society Organisations.

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For booking and enquiries, download the Training for Professionals needs assessment form and please contact Yvonne on 0207 6072002.